Teen Spirit

As part of the Pastoral Care Reward System, all 1st year students attended the hugely popular ‘Teen Spirit 111’ concert in Killarney. The students’ impeccable behaviour on the day earned them many favourable compliments form those they encountered. Ms. Kirby & the tutors were very proud of them.

As a reward for our good behaviour throughout the past year all first years were treated to “Friday Fun Day” on April 1st. At 9:10 we all settled down in the library to watch the first year section of the TY concert. There was lots of laughter and groans of embarrassment as each familiar face appeared on screen. At 10:30 we got on two buses and travelled to the INEC Killarney to see the youth choir “Teen Sprit” perform a number of Christian and pop songs. There was dancing and some songs that we sang along with and some even danced along to “Rolling on the River”, “Let’s Twist again”, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, to name but a few. Every now and then there was a little reflection quote and prayer. In the second half of the show the first year choir appeared on stage. There were five first years from our school in it: Claire O’Leary (1G), Niamh Murphy (1K), Lorna Fleming (1R), Bethany Bradley (1R) and Eimear Hurly (1R).

They also sang popular, familiar songs. All the songs were cheerful and uplifting and performed by very talented young people. The show ended around 2pm and we stopped at the outlet centre for some supervised retail therapy. There was a lot of singing and excited chatting about the great day we had on the journey home. Thanks to all the tutors and our Year Head Mrs. Kirby for organising “Friday Fun Day!”

 By Clodagh Foley, Liam Stein, Oisin O’ Muirí

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