Silver Circle Draw Winners Dec 2011

The results of the last number of Silver Circle Draw winners are as follows:

Draw 3

1st: €70: Mary and Batt Griffin (Michael 1R)
2nd: €40: Jill Murphy (Ava 2K)
3rd: €30: Geraldine Stein (Isobella 1R)

Draw 4

1st: €70: Mrs T O’Meara  (Holly 2K)
2nd: €40: Des O’Connell (Orla 1K)
3rd: €30: Sharon O’Sulivan (Nicola 3G)

Draw 5

1st: €70: Noreen O’Neill (Ashling 2G)
2nd: €40: Anthony McGovern (Brendan 1H)
3rd: €30: Eileen Coffey (Nicola 6th)


Thanks again for all your support and best wishes for 2012!

Parents’ Association.


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