Congratulations to Miltown Cross Country Team

Cross Country 2012 - Junior Girls Team

Presentation Miltown are Kerry County Champions for the 2nd Year in a row!

The Senior Boys Cross Country Team won Gold Medals at the County Kerry Cross Country Championships on Wed Jan 18th 2012 in Killarney. Four Boys and Four Girls Teams competed and everyone did the school proud.

Cross Country 2012- Boys Senior Team

Team Medals were won in the following categories.

  • Boys Senior Team:    Gold Medal    
    (Sean O’Sullivan, Matthew Doncel, John Lawlor, Daniel Lawlor)
  • Girls  Intermediate Team:   Bronze Medal

(Sarah Osterloh, Siobhan Ladden, Cassandra Myers, Katie Groves, Paige O’Connor, Orla Coffey)

Cross Country 2012- Boys Junior Team

  • Girls Junior  Team: Bronze   Medal 

(Ava Wilkins, Bethanie Bradley, Shannan Howe, Martina Carey, Marie Groves, Katie Horgan, Laura Quinn)

Individual Medals were won by the following athletes:

  • Siobhan Ladden (3rd Year):
  • John Lawlor (5th Year):
     Well done to all of our athletes!!                                         
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