Transition Year Tour Munich 2015


Day One Monday 9th February

On Monday morning at 12:30am, 26 eager students, 3 teachers and 1 happy bus driver set off for Dublin airport terminal 2. Upon entering terminal 2, we proceeded to gate 401 for our 2 hour flight with Aer Lingus to Munich. Once we arrived in Munich our bus brought us on guided tour of the lovely city of Munich (including a snowball fight at Nymphenberg Palace). After that we went shopping for some time and then all gathered at the Hard Rock Café for dinner. We then returned weary but still eager to the Hotel Dolomit by public transport.

Day Two Tuesday 10th February

Due to the fact that my other two roommates and I are growing boys, we have a great appetite for food so we arrived to breakfast 1 hour early!! Following breakfast we got on the bus and went to Berchtesgaden to the famous salt mines. This was a great experience and we even got to dress up in the miners’ outfits. After this we went to Salzburg for ‘The Sound of Music’ tour which was a two hour walking and singing tour. On our return to Munich we enjoyed a fine dining experience in the Ratskeller restaurant, where we had a full 3 course meal. Our evening activity was a trip to a bowling alley, we returned to our hotel weary but looking forward to all the next day had in store.


Day Three Wednesday 11th February

On Wednesday we went to the Deutsches Museum which is the largest science museum in the world and has 6 floors of exciting things to do and discover. After this we went to the Allianz Arena which is home to Bayern Munich. In this 1 hour tour we visited the pitch, player’s entrance, dressing rooms and the conference room. We then did some more shopping in the Olympia Einkaufszentrum. We then went to the Hard Rock Café for dinner. After this we walked to the Olympic Tower which is located in the Olympic Park.  This was built in 1968 for the Olympics in 1972 but when we got to the top it was all foggy and we couldn’t see two feet in front of us. We then returned to our hotel and started the packing operation.


Day Four Thursday 12th February

This was our last day in Munich. Following breakfast we visited the BMW Welt. This was personally the highlight of the tour. We spent about 2 hours in here admiring some beautiful cars and we then proceeded to Dachau to visit Dachau concentration camp. This was an unforgettable experience. After that we sadly made our way to the airport and bid a fond farewell to Munich. Thank you to our teachers Ms. Barrett, Ms. Costello and Mr. O’Sullivan for organising a very enjoyable trip. All in all this was a great tour.

Padraic O’Sullivan TY

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