Our school is a Catholic school which aspires to the full development of all its members according to Christian Principles. Every effort is made to ensure that each student develops according to his/her talents and potential: physically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually.

We aim to develop fully integrated people who are aware of their own dignity as persons, who have Christian values, who are reliable, trustworthy, honest, truthful, caring, prayerful, devoted to duty, lovers of God and of neighbour; people who are prepared to reach out to those less fortunate than themselves.


The congregation of the Presentation Sisters along with other congregations faced unprecedented challenges into the fulture. To overcome these challenges and ensure that catholic education will be an option in the Irish Education System into the future, a new trust body came into being in May of 2007.

CEIST (Catholic Education – an Irish Schools Trust) is the name given to our new trust body and CEIST assume the responsibilities of the former trustees (Presentation Sisters & Presentation Brothers). Sr. Margurite Ryan (Presentation Sisters South East Provsion) gave a presentation to the parents of our schcool on the CEIST project and what it will mean for the future of Presentation Secondary School Miltown. A new board of management was convened in 2007, accountable to CEIST for upholding the characteristic spirit, so evident in our school today.