50 years of Presentation Education in Miltown

A milestone in the history of this school was reached in 2007 as the Presentation Sisters celebrated 50 years of Secondary Education in Miltown.


Nano Nagle (1718-1784)

In 1957, Sr. Borgia, as principal opened the secondary school accompanied by what were to be the first teachers of Presentation Miltown: Sr. Raymond, Sr. Fildelma and Ms Sheehan. At this time, the girls wore a blue uniform and some to the first cookery classes were held in what is now called ‘Teach Na Toirbhirte’. In preparation, these cookery students had to light a fire in the room before retiring to the yard to wait for the smoke to clear.

Sr. Borgia was principal at the school from 1957 to 1974. During this time she saw the Presentation Brothers open a seconday school for boys in September 1958. Each school continued individually to meet the holistic needs ot the young people of the towns-land until a decision was made to affiliate in September 1968. Both schools still had a separate principal and manager until an amalgamation was decided upon in 1974. Sr. Rose was the first manager and the late Brother Fergal was principal until 1976 when they acquired the present site and entered negotiations with the Department of Educaiotn for the present school.

Photograph of the first class in the Presentation Boys Secondary School- 2nd September 1958

In September 1976 Brother de Sales became principal and having served in this position for six years, he retired. From 1982 to 1987, the school was run by Brother Bertrand and the late Sr. Vincent. For the following eighteen years Sr. Canisius was at the helm. In 2005, Cormac Bonner was the first lay principal to be appointed.


Edmund Rice (1762-1844)

Each member of a community leaves thier own mark when they leave, especially a principal, as they are the people along with staff who shape and plan the future direction of the school. We are proud to say that the vision and works of Nano Nagle and Blessed Edmund Rice are still alive and evident in our school today.