Pastoral Care & Student Support

In the spirit of Nano Nagle and Edmund Rice we seek to encourage the development of each of our students as individuals through a holistic approach to education. As such we take great pride in promoting an ethos that is caring and supportive through Pastoral Care.

First Year Induction

All prospective incoming First Years are invited to visit the school for our Open Day. This allows students to have a look around the school and meet some of their teachers. An induction booklet “My First Day” is issued before students come to school in September. This booklet outlines items that students will need to bring on their first day and helps them to get a feel for what their first week or so will be like. The first day for First Years is an induction day before the other students return to school. This allows students to familiarise themselves with their teachers, journal, rules and also to find their way around the building. All junior students are allocated a class teacher to whom students can go to if they are having difficulties or problems. First Years will meet their class teacher and their other subject teachers on the Induction Day.

Mentor Programme

Miltown Presentation School November 2015. Photos: Don MacMonagle -

As part of our Pastoral Care Policy we have developed a Mentor Programme in conjunction with KDYS. The ultimate aim of the programme is to create a ‘Buddy System’ between first years and senior students, which will positively impact on the child’s educational and social development thus easing their transition from Primary to Secondary School life

The programme operates by providing older students (Fifth Years) with the leadership skills necessary for the provision of information to First Year students This support continues throughout their first year of school. Students volunteer to meet each week, during which time they may participate in-group activities such as conversations, games, sports or school work.



IMG_1615Social, Personal & Health Education enables students to develop as individuals secure in their sense of self. Students take part in activities which help them to develop mutual support and respect for each other, whilst encouraging them to think constructively and considerately. Our SPHE programme also encourages students to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning and behaviour as well as creating an awareness of their role in society.


Anti Bullying Policy

We believe that every student at Presentation Secondary School has a right to be able to enjoy school and learn in a safe and welcoming environment. As such all of our students sign up to our Anti-Bullying Policy. The policy emphasises the importance of a positive and caring attitude towards each other and we believe that our pastoral care programme and the Christian ethos of the school promote a positive environment with respect for all. However, the policy also clearly defines behaviour which is defined as bullying and outlines procedures for reporting such incidents should they arise.

Guidance & Counselling 


Young people today have many difficult issues to deal with, both school related and otherwise, and we believe it is important that adequate support structures are in place to help students deal with issues which may trouble them. As part of our Pastoral Care programme students can speak to the school Guidance Counsellor about school related issues such as subject choices and difficulties with exams & studying. We also have a qualified counsellor who visits the school on a weekly basis as well as members of staff who are trained counsellors.

Student Council

An effective students council encourages our young people to become responsible and active citizens. We hold annual elections in which all students vote for the representatives. Activities organised by past councils included Community Clean-Up Programmes, fundraising for sports equipment and fundraising for charities such as the Pakistan Earthquake Appeal.

Student Achievement Awards

Awards Day –

We aim to promote a positive attitude and self-confidence in every student by continuously recognising success and achievement at whatever level and in whatever area of interest students may choose. Once a year the school acknowledges the exceptional achievement of students in areas such as attendance, sporting achievement and school spirit.



Mass & Retreat

Prayer is central to the life of our school. The whole school joins in the celebrations of the Eucharist for the Feast of the Presentation and other special occasions. Each year Sixth Year students, along with their parents and teachers, ritualise their relationships at the annual school mass. Individual class masses are also held at various stages through the year as are ceremonies of reflection and meditation.